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Berger, Fischoff, Shumer, Wexler & Goodman, LLP, located on Long Island, will aggressively fight for you in matters of Special Education and Education Law. Our lead Education Law counsel, Brad A. Schlossberg, began his Special Education Law career representing friends and family with special needs children. Mr. Schlossberg realized that, all too often, families did not know of the services available to their children or the requirement of School Districts to provide their children with a free and appropriate public education regardless of the child’s disability or diagnosis. Mr. Schlossberg’s years of experience have prepared him for any situation or issue which needs to be addressed and allows him to advocate for our clients and their children for as long and as vigorously as necessary. Whether is it representing children at CSE meetings, at due process hearings, or on appeal to the Courts, he is willing and able to take all steps necessary to protect your child’s rights.

His experience also extends to other facts of education, including residency hearings, suspension hearings, manifestation hearings, and disciplinary actions. He has represented students in proceedings at both the undergraduate and graduate school levels with successful results. It is also his belief that ever child should be comfortable in their school setting and should not be discriminated against based on their gender identity or sexual orientation

Some of his success stories include:

The reduction or overturning of school disciplinary actions, including the reduction of suspension time, the elimination of out of school suspension in favor of in school suspension, and overturning suspensions based on manifestations of behavioral issues.

Obtaining orders of school financial responsibility for necessary services which a school refused to, or was unable to, provide.

Readmission of students to undergraduate, graduate, medical school, law school and nursing school programs following suspension or expulsion for failure to maintain grades, cheating, and other claims of academic dishonesty.

Obtaining the right to retake classes or exams in lieu of suspension or expulsion.

Do you need to speak with an attorney specializing in Education and Special Education to represent you or your child? Mr. Schlossberg would be happy to discuss your needs with you. It is our mission to help protect your educational rights at a price you can afford.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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