Accommodations and Discrimination at Institutes of Higher Learning

Learning differences and neurological and physical impairments can be obstacles in pursuit of an education. At the college, university and graduate school level, students with special needs are entitled to reasonable accommodations If you know someone that needs special accommodations because of neurological, physical or learning disabilities, we can help. Colleges and Universities are required to make reasonable accommodations for students with learning disabilities and physical disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If you believe your college or university is discriminating against you in any way, or is failing to provide you with a reasonable accommodation, we can help.

Colleges and Universities are also required to protect students from unwarranted discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.  We have extensive experience in representing students who have been subject to such discrimination and harassment.

Defense of Harassment Claims 

Unfortunately, the protection of students from harassment claims by a school can be abused.  We have handles numerous cases in which a student was unjustly accused of inappropriate behavior.  Sometimes Colleges and Universities tend to believe the accuser to the detriment of the accused.  If you are the subject of such a claim, you may be entitled to legal representation at school hearings or other actions taken against you by a school.

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