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Accommodations and Discrimination at Institutes of Higher Learning

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As the parent of a special needs child, you are automatically a member of your child’s Committee on Special Education.
Your child has the right to appropriate therapeutic services necessary for the child to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education.
Under the Dignity for All Students Act, schools are required to address complaints of bullying in a prompt and appropriate fashion.
Brad Schlossberg is proud to defend the rights of the LGBTQ community within schools. Thankfully, in New York, all students are entitled to protections from bullying, harassment and discrimination.
If you are accused of academic dishonesty, including cheating or plagiarism, you need to understand your rights and be prepared to defend yourself.
Accommodations and Discrimination at Institutes of Higher Learning Learning differences and neurological and physical impairments can be obstacles in pursuit of an education. At the college, university and graduate school level, students with special needs are entitled to reasonable accommodations.
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